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PC Madness Team

Jump on the Windows 10 train before the end of the line


If your business hasn’t yet migrated to Windows 10, you’re potentially missing out on a range of new features and benefits. And if you’re still on Windows 7, you’ll run out of support very soon. 

Microsoft announced 14 January 2020 as the Windows 7 end-of-support (EOS) date some time ago. After that, no more functionality or security patches will be released, so those who continue to use it will do so at their own peril. 

You can still use Windows 7 after its EOS expires, you just won’t get any protection against new viruses and malware. It’s a double hazard: Not only will your Windows 7 hardware be vulnerable, but attackers often target EOS operating systems because they’ve stopped getting security fixes.

In other words, the benefits of migrating to the new OS in conjunction with the risks and potential costs of not migrating should make your decision a no-brainer.

Plenty of benefits 

Businesses that haven’t moved will find a raft of new features on Windows 10. These include new security and productivity tools, as well as features designed to enhance interoperability with other businesses. 

Windows 10 also contains Device Manager, which has been designed to unify Android and Apple devices across a common platform to maximise business productivity by making it easier for the end user to find, for example, a specific hardware device for a particular project.

Windows 10 maximises the potential of Microsoft’s cloud services.

Other features include Intune, which specifies which user groups belong to which projects, and Windows Information Protection, which enhances corporate security by ensuring staff are working in the right programs. 

Additionally, Windows 10 maximises the potential of Microsoft’s cloud services – the Azure directory syncs networks and intranets so staff can work together on projects anywhere at any time on a large range of devices. 

Pre-upgrade checklist

Before upgrading, you may want to consider a few things:

  • What’s Windows 10’s compatibility with your overall IT infrastructure?
  • What, if any, hardware will you need to replace? Some old legacy systems may have issues.
  • Are all of your mission-critical software applications, antivirus tools and devices like printers and other peripherals compatible? Some earlier versions of QuickBooks, for example, do not work on Windows 10.
  • What advantages will Windows 10 have for your current IT infrastructure? Modern PCs – desktop, laptop or hybrid – are equipped with hardware and software features that allows you to take advantage of Windows 10’s productivity and security capabilities, like touchscreens and styluses for system navigation and note-taking, or cameras and fingerprint scanners for biometric security.

At any rate, once you’ve checked for compatibility, it may be a good idea to contact your IT partner or an IT expert to discuss your options. Whether you need a bare-minimum upgrade or are taking the opportunity to review your entire IT architecture, you’ll want to know how finance, system design, staff training and support can be rolled into a deal that’ll keep your business in tip-top condition.

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